Mother Earth Necklace

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african opal jasper • blue topaz • 14kt gold filled 

The Mother Earth Necklace was inspired by my travels to South America where I learned about the present dangers of our rainforests and endangered species. During my time in the Amazon, I learned about many of the dangers these natural rainforests were experiencing with loss of habitat and poor water retention due to deforestation. The African Opal Jasper stone with its various earth tones and milky blues signify the hope for our rainforests and our planet. The blue topaz from which the opal is suspended represents water -- Mother Earth's most essential element

Length: 30in

***Please keep in mind that African Opal Jasper is a natural stone and that the shape will vary slightly from piece to piece


African Opal Jasper is a natural jasper that comes from Africa. It has a jelly like luster similar to Turquoise and is often confused with Variscite, a stone found in Nevada, Utah, and Queensland, Australia. Due to natural variations in its coloring, there is some debate over what the stone should be called. Some argue that the stone should not be referred to as an opal since it lacks the common opal qualities. The stone is generally believed to fall within the jasper family due to its gel like translucence, flecked with blues and greens much like that of Variscite. African Opal Jasper is believed to stabilize the heart chakra and provide calming and purifying properties. Its translucence helps one find inner peace and alignment while aiding in emotional healing.