Jewelry Buying Guide


1.) Necklaces near your collar:

Collar - 12”-14” - Sits above the neckbone, directly against the throat.  

Choker - 14”-16” - Rests at the base of the neck on the neckbone.

Princess - 17”-19” - Hits below the neckbone.


2.) Necklaces near your bust:

Matinee - 20”-25” - Falls from below the collarbone to the bust.

3.) Necklaces below your bust to your navel:

Opera - 26”-36” - Hangs below the bust and is long enough to wear as single strand or wrap as double strand, or knot at the neck.

Rope - 37” and longer - Longest necklace length, when unwrapped or tied these will fall below the navel.