How to Care for Your Jewelry

Caring for your jewelry is of the utmost importance if you want it to remain in its optimum condition and last. 

1.) For all types of jewelry, avoid wearing it in the ocean, showering with it, or applying any perfumes or moisturizers while wearing it. All of these are common sources for dulled stones, tarnished metals, and de-lustered pearls. ​

2.) Regularly polish your metals, particularly sterling silver jewelry and vermeil. Be gentle to avoid abrasion. Silverware polishing cloths work just as well as most jewelry polishing wipes and can be found at most stores for low prices. Polishing your jewelry will keep the metals bright and gleaming for a long time and will prevent natural oxidation processes that might weaken the metal. 

3.) While many assume pearls can be worn in the ocean since the come from the ocean, it is actually one of the worst things you can do to your pearls. While, yes, pearls are made by mollusks which live in the ocean, the pearls exist inside the mollusk and are never actually exposed to the saltwater environment. Saltwater is abrasive to the nacre of the pearl and after time, it can dull the luster of the pearl, which cannot be fixed. 

4.) Avoid wearing jewelry while working out or during intense physical activity. Perspiration has a similar affect as saltwater on metals, leather, and pearls.

5.) Be careful with your jewelry! If you love your jewelry, it will love you back. If you are constantly tugging at it or banging it against things, it is possible that stones can crack and chains can break. While the materials I use are generally capable of withstanding daily wear, aggressive treatment can make the jewelry vulnerable to breaking or give it a less than optimal appearance​.

6. Remember that these are general guidelines for all jewelry and should be kept in mind for all of your jewelry, not just your Christiana Layman design! 

​Love your jewelry and it will love you back!