The Philanthropy

Each time you purchase a Christiana Layman Design, you are directly helping protect our earth's most threatened rainforests. Christiana donates 5% of all her profits to the Rainforest Trust as a way of giving back to the beautiful world that inspires her. The money donated goes directly towards purchasing land for nature reserves or to create national parks in the most threatened tropical habitats with endangered species. They collaborate with a network of experienced local conservation partners to implement real and lasting action by permanently protecting rainforests that are most at risk. This has become an even more relevant issue today with the amount of wild fires that have swallowed up thousands and thousands of acres of lush rainforest. Many large corporations also try to buy large parts of our natural rainforests in order to plow these lands for alternate purposes. This sort of destruction has permanent and dangerous implications on both local and global scales. It is our job to protect these lands for the sustainability and longevity of our planet. Click here to learn more about what the Rainforest Trust does and how you can help!