Inward Journey Bracelet

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The Inward Journey Bracelet is very special to me because I designed it during a difficult time in my life. I designed it as a reminder of personal strength and growth. This bracelet features a chain consisting of bars linked together. In the center is a small, square, dazzling cubic zirconia. Each of the bars on the chain represent different life experiences all linked together to create a unified bracelet. The small CZ in the middle represents the point at which we look inward and find ourselves. It’s not always obvious and it might even be overlooked by others - but once we see it, it becomes the focal point and even the part that makes the bracelet so special. Sometimes we go through life so quickly that we don’t stop to observe, feel, or question what it is that we are experiencing. While we may feel that certain experiences are more pleasant or painful than others, it is important to realize that all experiences are good experiences because they lead us to our path of self realization and the inward journey. This bracelet is meant to be worn as a reminder that - whatever it is that we are going through in life - it is giving us the opportunity to find our best and greatest self.

small square cubic zirconia - 14kt gold filled bar chain

Length: 6.5in + 1in extension chain


* Styled with the North by Northwest Bracelet