Del Sol Necklace

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14kt gold filled tribal sun charm • 14kt gold filled chain

Length: 18in + 2in extension chain


 For my sun worshippers, this one is for you 🌞 The Del Sol Necklace is entirely 14kt gold filled and features a tribal sun pendant. The sun has been a symbol of power, growth, health, and passion across nearly all cultures and religions throughout history. Some view the sun as the representation of one’s higher self while others look to it as a god to be worshipped. The sun is revered because of its ability to create and sustain life. While light is the driving source of life, it is balanced by the darkness of the night. The darkness doesn’t bring life to an end but, rather, renews us so we can appreciate the light of a new day. Wearing this necklace is a reminder that even in the darkness of the night, the sun will still rise and a new day is ahead. 🌟