An Affair to Remember Earrings

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14kt gold vermeil chain • cultured freshwater teardrop pearls • 14kt gold filled earring wire


The “Affair to Remember Lariat” is named after one of my favorite classic movies “An Affair to Remember” featuring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. Growing up with older parents, I found myself watching a lot of old classics - unlike most kids watching the newest movies and TV shows, many of which I was not allowed to watch. I’m grateful for being exposed to these old movies because it exposed me to the charm of the “good old days” where romance existed beyond the exploitation of sex appeal and profanity. While everything about these movies seemed foreign and outdated to a young girl, it taught me to settle for nothing less than a love filled with respect, romance, and chivalry. These earrings are a spin off of a classic pearl earring, yet with a modern spin. My intention in designing these earrings is to serve as a reminder that we can still embrace the classics with our own modern spin. Wearing these earrings is a reminder that romance and chivalry is not dead as long as you are willing to keep it alive and never settle for less. When given as a gift to a loved one, these earrings are an emblem of a love that is timeless, and the promise of a lifetime of chivalry and romance 🤍