About the Jewelry

As the designer, my goal is to create timeless styles of the highest quality, inspired by my travels and by the beauty of the natural world. Each of my designs has been inspired by different places I have traveled to, often using stones, metals, and beads from all around the world. I try to create one of a kind pieces in a world where most jewelry is manufactured by the thousands. Each of my creations is born from an inspiration, which is then hand-crafted using skill, experience, and care with the highest quality materials. The work can be tedious, often remaking and redesigning pieces over and over again until I feel that the piece has been perfected.                                                                                                                     
(Pictured above: Client asked me to design a one of a kind design using ancient beads and stones she found during an archaeological dig in Peru.)                                                            

The materials I choose to use for my jewelry are based on many factors, with the most important being quality, durability, and affordability. The main metals I use are gold-filled and vermeil of various karat gold, and sterling silver. After years of personal experience and feedback from clients, I only choose the metals that find the perfect balance between quality and durability that remain affordable to the client. When buying my metals -- while slightly more expensive -- I choose metals that are sustainably produced, since I believe spending a little bit more for our earth is invaluable. 




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