Green Amethyst

The Stone of Profound Connection

Green Amethyst, or Prasiolite, is the green variety of Amethyst. The subtle sea foam green color makes it wearable with many different colors -- accented well with pastels and whites. The energy effect that Green Amethyst has on many people is to create a profound connection to their higher self. It's energy is like the spirit of nature itself, embodied within a beautiful green quartz crystal. Although the green variety is not as well known as purple Amethyst, it has a similar level of energy. Yet it is a quite different stone, and comes to you from a truly heart based perspective. Its impact within the heart will clear disharmonious energy and open you, totally, to love and compassion.

Green Amethyst is formed by heat treating purple amethyst. The heat transforms the stone from one color to another. Despite its soft cool color, it can only reached this peaceful hue after being heated or ignited by a flame. It is a reminder that we can achieve peacefulness and traquility even through the flames of our past 'fires".