White Sand Beach Bracelet

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cultured freshwater pearls • 14kt gold filled scallop shell

Length: 7in


The scallop shell is the emblem of St. James, an apostle of Jesus who was known for his deep spiritual loyalty, yet trapped by raging emotions. St. James represents the two layers of the human condition: the physical and the spiritual. St. James was an ordinary pilgrim like the rest of us. He walked a long difficult road with Jesus; he was imprisoned by his raging emotions, and he went through metaphoric fires to free himself and discover the vastness of his spirit. He learned how to live an authentic, peaceful life and he shared his personal lessons with others. The Camino de Santiago, a spiritual pilgrimage that takes place in Spain, allows pilgrims to take the spiritual journey connecting the emotional with the physical. It brings together people of all different walks of life under one journey for enlightenment. The Scallop Shell, in honor of St. James, is also the symbol most associated with the Camino. The shell is has many grooved lines that lead from the outer rim to a meeting point at the base. The shell itself represents the many different spiritual/religious/humanist pathways that lead to the same place, to the universal centre of all life-forms, the spirit, the soul.