The Seafarer's Wife Necklace in Silver

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sterling silver compass • cultured freshwater pearls • tarnish-resistant argentium silver chain

Length: 16in + 1.5in extension chain


Compasses have always been a symbol that I hold close to my heart. As a sailor, the compass is an icon of safety and comfort in finding direction. As a traveler, it is a symbol representing the quest for new destinations or to guide you home. Personally, I believe that we each have our own internal compasses. It’s that gut feeling that you might feel when making an important decision or when faced with a choice. Like most things, the ability to recognize our gut instincts and to pursue them with confidence requires intraspection, mindfulness, and practice. To me, the compass is a reminder that if I love and trust myself, I will always be pointed in the right direction. While the compass historically helped seafarers navigate stormy seas or helped travelers discover new lands to call home, if you follow your own internal compass of self-love, you will always find home.