keshi pearls • 14kt gold filled


Keshi pearls are known for their organic abstract shapes and gorgeous luster. To understand why keshi pearls are so special, its important to understand cultured freshwater pearls.

Pearls are formed when a mollusk, like an oyster or a snail, produces layers of nacre around some type of irritant in its shell.  Cultured pearls form around a nucleus placed in the oyster’s soft mantle tissue. Natural pearls, however, form with no nucleus inside.  Keshis are all natural because there is no nucleus inside – meaning the keshi pearl is nothing but pure nacre.  The keshi pearl forms as a by-product of cultivation. Because nacre is precious material, keshi pearls are highly prized, being made up of nothing but pure nacre.  For this reason, they are sold by weight like gemstones.  All natural keshi pearls are unique treasures of rare and precious material.