Inverness Necklace

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14kt gold filled chain • moonstone


Looking for the perfect necklace to compliment your favorite “v-neck”? This necklace is dainty and feminine yet still eye catching with its simple teardrop moonstones delicately accenting the décolletage. 


Moonstone has been used in jewelry for millennia, including ancient civilizations. The Romans admired Moonstone, as they believed it was composed of solidified rays of the moon. Both the Romans and Greeks associated Moonstone with their lunar gods. Moonstone is known as the Traveler's Stone for the protection it affords, especially at night. It is also a talisman of the inward journey. It is believed that wearing Moonstone aids in taking one deep into the self to recover the parts of the soul left behind or forgotten. It then helps to bring these recovered parts into light. It has remained a sacred stone in India with a special significance for lovers. It was a popular choice for jewelers in the Art Nouveau period. In Europe, Moonstone was believed to rekindle lost lovers and to cure sleeplessness.